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I carry out private consulting in the real estate and construction industry, I offer my services to companies and investors of any economic situation. My experience allows me to have a team that is capable of projecting at different scales, concepts and ranges of various areas, such as housing, commercial and services, from small remodeling to large urban projects. I dedicate my time to providing comprehensive solutions adapted to the needs of each client, with the aim of guaranteeing their satisfaction.


My goal is to provide accessible and efficient solutions for everyone. I specialize in the design of comfortable and functional spaces, covering both the aesthetic aspect and the concept and organization of the process. I use a methodology that includes research, studies, site procurement, administrative management, feasibility study, architectural supervision and property administration to guarantee a successful and satisfactory project for my client.

The greatest thing in life for me is to provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond the technical and anthropomorphic. I strive to integrate each project into its physical, economic, social and cultural context, applying criteria of universal accessibility and sustainability, creating spaces that are not only functional and aesthetically attractive, but also responsible and adapted to their environment.


I invite you to learn about my experience and expertise. My team will be applying our experience and knowledge, we are confident that we can deliver high quality work that meets your needs and expectations. Trust us for your next project and let us show you what we can do for you.

Architectural spaces
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Fotografía del arquitecto Manuel Elihú
Manuel Elihú Díaz

Architect and master in Urban Planning with experience in real estate projects, teaching and consulting. I specialize in design, planning, research, infrastructure management, BIM project development, architectural supervision and real estate negotiation.

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